Win more business by making presentations into conversations using AI.

Turn your presentation

or pitch into a twise:

a speaking AI agent that represents, presents and sells for you.

Twise is better at sales than most people.

It is great at listening, asking, answering questions and can be very convincing.

Twise delivers beautiful visual answers, generated on the fly, based upon your content, and is 100% accurate, private

and secure.

Instead of sending your clients a long slide deck you now send a twise, so they can ask anything, anytime, anywhere. And you learn from each conversation through thoughtful insights.

We are currently in stealth mode and are running private trials helping advertising agencies win more pitches.

If you want to learn how Twise can help you win more business please reach out.


About Twise

Twise is an advanced custom developed AI agent that is capable of acting and speaking like a human. It has been trained to be an expert on sales and relationship building.

Twise is capable of learning everything about your business and digesting huge presentations in seconds. It takes all your content and optimises it, in real-time, to deliver the right answer to each client.

We have over the past months developed a number of experiments of human-like conversation AI, which you can find on our playground below.

The Founders

We are Joakim (jab) Borgström, a former Global Chief Creative Officer at BBH and René Lönngren, a former European Director at Mural.

We have both spent the best part of 25 years pitching and winning business across advertising, media and technology.

We started Twise in 2023 to merge our knowledge and experience, enhanced by AI, to help you win more business.

Access our playground here: