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Personalised one to one conversations with every customer

Ever wished your brand could converse genuinely with every customer?
Twise makes it happen, embedding AI twins globally and
turning each interaction into insightful feedback.

Introducing AI Powered Brand Ambassadors

By harnessing the power of AI twins, either modelled after a product, real individuals or custom-crafted personas, Twise facilitates genuine, one-on-one interactions.


We go beyond generic interactions, offering AI-driven conversations that feel as genuine and tailored as speaking with a friend.

Ubiquitous Presence

Seamlessly embed our AI twins everywhere – from websites, ads, and blogs to in-store tablets and QR codes, ensuring your brand's representative is virtually everywhere.


Every conversation is an opportunity for understanding. We analyze interactions to provide brands with clear insights into audience needs and sentiments.


Unravelling the Mechanics Behind Personalized Conversations

How does it work

  1. Creation & Customization

    • Initial Setup: Begin by providing documents, historical data, or any specific information that helps model the AI twin.

    • Personality Infusion: We don't just build knowledge bases. The AI twin receives a defined personality and tone of voice, making conversations feel genuine.

  1. Integration Across Touchpoints:

    • Versatile Embedding: Easily integrate your AI twin into various platforms – be it your website, in-store tablets, QR codes, or digital ads.

    • Consistent Brand Presence: Ensure a familiar and personalized interaction, irrespective of where your customers engage.

  1. Real-Time Interaction:

    • Responsive Conversations: As users communicate with the AI twin, they receive tailored responses, giving them the sense of speaking with a trusted friend.

    • No Database Connection Needed: While the twin can be updated continuously, there's no real-time connection to client databases, ensuring data privacy.

  1. Gathering & Analyzing Insights:

    • Conversation Analysis: TwinSights dives deep into topics, sentiments, and the nature of interactions.

    • Feedback Loop: Gain a better understanding of whether a user's query was addressed or if there were gaps. With this knowledge, brands can navigate and rectify areas for improvement.

  1. Continuous Improvement:

    • Iterative Learning: Based on insights gathered, the AI twin can be refined and updated, ensuring that its performance and relevance only get better over time.

Your brand’s voice just got personal.
With Twise, ensure that every interaction is not only knowledgeable
but also relatable, fostering deeper customer engagement and understanding.

Why Twise Stands Apart

The advantages of choosing twise

Personal Yet Scalable

Every AI twin feels individualized, but the beauty lies in its scalability. Engage countless customers simultaneously without compromising on the personal touch.

Data Security First

Respecting user privacy is paramount. Our systems are designed to prioritize the safety and confidentiality of user interactions without real-time connections to client databases.

Minimal Maintenance

The AI twin evolves with every interaction. This minimizes the need for constant manual interventions, making it a cost-effective solution in the long run.

Sustainable Engagement

With the ever-evolving nature of the AI twin, interactions remain fresh and relevant, ensuring customers are continuously engaged and satisfied.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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